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Hina Khan’s 4 video tutorial are more than necessary to prevent the Corona Virus.

Television’s favorite Hina Khan who has been super-active on Instagram keeps sharing tips and tricks to help survive the lockdown. During the times of COVID-19, health and awareness are the two most important things.

Hina recently shared some videos in which she is telling different ways to avoid Corona. In her video, she shared the way to make a mask at your own home. The actress picked up two printed cloths and showed her fans how she measured and stitched it. She even ironed the fabric and then creased the fabric and stitched it again. Elastic was also used in the process. The post was shared with a caption that read, “So here is my attempt to teach some simple measures of how to make a mask at home. I tried to make the process and the masks, both as interesting as possible for you guys and hope it will encourage a lot of you to make one for yourself. #WeAreInThisTogether #LetsFightCovid19”

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In this video, she shared the hacks of washing the outdoor goods. Hina tells how she cleans groceries’ items, fruits, and vegetables which comes from outside.  She took lukewarm water in a bucket and put a little liquid soap in it and then thoroughly washed every grocery item and cleaned the vegetables and fruits in plain lukewarm water.  While doing this process, she told that you should also use the same to clean items from outside.  Putting the video, she wrote “#Covid19SafetyMeasures”. Just trying to share my way of avoiding the loopholes as we get groceries from outside and it has a high risk of missing something that can be quite fatal. So hope this will be helpful to all of you out there! Stay Safe and let us all avoid silly #LoopHoles #21LockDown #WeAreInThisTogether”

In another video, she shared the way to wash the hand and also the scientific reason behind that.

Hina told that the coronavirus does not end by just washing hands, if the hands have to be cleaned thoroughly then they have to be washed with soap for at least 20 seconds.  She also explained the scientific reason behind it, she said that there is a fatty surface in the outer part of the coronavirus, which only soap can cut.  Explaining this whole thing, he made a video in which she wrote “#CleanYourHands #SafeHands #CoronaFreeWorld. All the appreciation in the world for the Health Care Professionals. And obviously, I am not an expert of any kind, hence I did my research and jotted down instructions by experts. This is an attempt from my side to reach people who would watch their favorites and dedicate a few minutes to listen to them and if I can reach out to just a percentage of people out there .. I hope it will make a difference for good.”

Hina put up a video accepting Geeta Phogat’s safe hand wash challenge.

In her other video, Hina explained how to wear the mask properly.  Most people wear the mask the wrong way, but in this video, Hina said that by adjusting the upper part of the mask in the shape of her nose, the mask can be worn, otherwise the gap on the mask can penetrate the virus.  Putting this enlightening video, Hina wrote “#RightWayToWearAMask

Well, I am not an expert but I had a look at one of the videos released by Professionals…But I did not share that one and decided to create a video where I personally am demonstrating the same steps and safety measures so that you all can relate to it and follow the right way on how to wear a basic simple surgical mask. As a responsible citizen, I would also like to convey that this basic mask will not provide you with complete safety from the virus.. while this basic surgical mask may be effective in blocking splashes and large-particle droplets but it does not filter or block very small particles in the air that may b transmitted by coughing and sneezing..but sadly the majority of the people in our country are using this very basic simple surgical mask.

Due to scarcity of masks and lack of awareness people are forced to buy these thin layered disposable masks. This is why I thought that I shud at least help them to wear it the right way. I wud also like to urge people to opt for N95 respirator masks which seals your nose chin and mouth properly and is a bit safer than the basic surgical mask..although it’s not easily available, you may also go for a simple thick layered padded cloth mask, and you can reuse it if washed properly with antiseptic and warm water, and if properly ironed. I also agree with the fact that no matter how efficient a respirator is, it won’t eliminate the exposure entirely.

since this virus progressively crawls through the bronchial tubes and affects our lungs, we have to take precautions by washing hands and wear masks when you step out.”

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