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This cute mother and son conversation between Shilpa Shetty and Viaan will bring joy to you

Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty is spending quality time with her family during the country-wide lockdown imposed in the wake of coronavirus.

Shilpa Shetty recently shared a video in which she is seen lying on the bed in a white T-shirt and black pants and his son Viaan is seen stroking his mother's leg.  Both mother and son are also talking to each other, Shilpa is telling her son that in return for this tiredness relieving massage, like the Barter system, she will make him a cake. For which Viaan says ok, but he demands the cake should be of two layers.

On an emotional note she wrote on this video "Had no idea my mom was shooting this... but she managed to capture such a priceless moment. Watching this video made me realise it’s such a blessing to have kids and also have these important conversations with your child. Ha ha ha 😂🤣one who can be your friend too🤗! Today, I’m grateful for a child who is respectful to all, is sensible & understanding even at such a tender age. I enjoy all the banter with him and knowing his conversations can easily lift all our spirits is a lovely feeling. 😇❤️🧿Also, saying a special prayer for all parents and children caught in these trying times. May we all come out of this stronger than before🙏🏻🧿❤️ . . . . . #20DaysOfGratefulness #Day10 #stayhome #staysafe #stayindoors #gratitude #IndiaFightsCorona"

Shilpa, who often promotes her fitness mantra "Stay healthy, stay cool", and her whole family are very conscious about fitness. Recently, she posted a video of his mother-in-law, in this video, her mother-in-law is seen doing exercises in a great enthusiastic way. Posting this video Shilpa wrote "My 68-year-old Mom-in-law working out and I sneaked up on her... this is sooo inspiring. She’s highly diabetic but just the fact that she takes the time out to walk (even if it’s around the house) or do yoga/stretch or breathe... she makes that effort. I respect the discipline she maintains, only shows that she ‘values’ her health. This video is so inspiring, it is proof that it’s never too late to start. She’s gonna kill me for posting this, but I had to... Love you and your spirit mom... So grateful for all your blessings and for the fact that you inspire us all❤️🧿🤗🌈 . . . . . #MondayMotivation #20DaysOfGratefulness #Day11 #FitIndia #SwasthRahoMastRaho #gratitude #family #fitness #homeworkout #stayhome #staysafe"

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Also, Shilpa had put a video a week ago, in which she is telling how you can encourage your children and people living with you, to exercise. she wrote a message too "Let’s help our kids stay active & healthy | #FitIndia With a young and active child in the house, I know how important it is to keep the kids busy through this time. The energy that they spend doing their regular activities remains pent up inside with no release whatsoever! So, only sharing some ideas with all the parents out here to make sure that your child gets enough activity/exercise through the day. It’s very easy for the boredom to lead to irritation and restlessness, but it’s important that we become their friends and keep them company now, more than ever before. Do this for your health and wellness too, kids will see you setting a precedent and follow suit 🙏🏻💪 . @kiren.rijiju @fitindiaoff @thevinodchanna . . . . #FitIndia #FitIndiaMovement #MondayMotivation #20DaysOfGratefulness #Day5"

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