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HomeCelebsNupur Sanon is unwinding herself with soothing poetry in this quarantine time

Nupur Sanon is unwinding herself with soothing poetry in this quarantine time

In these days of lockdown, Bollywood stars are making full use of their free time, and are sharing the stories related to life with their fans with the help of social media, so that their fans make themselves also away from boredom and stress at this time, be able to spend a few moments of peace and happiness. Amid of this lockdown Nupur Sanon, sister of Kriti Sanon has also shared poetry on Instagram, which will touch your hearts.
She said she used to love writing poetry and Shayari as a child. Her poetry is loved by many. Sitting on a hanging couch wearing floral frock  she shared this poetic video and said “Presenting ‘ तो तुम इसलिए ‘ ♥️ A poetry written by me…straight from my heart and soul😌 @ttt_official SHARE it if you ‘feel’ something inside of you after listening to this :”) #NupurSanonXTTT #NupurSanon #terriblytinytales #socialdistancingwithlove #realandhonest #loveisrare #realisrare #quarantinewithme #poetrylovers”

Nupur Sanon was seen in a music video with Akshay Kumar titled Filhaal, which was a massive hit. The reprise version was launched a while ago and was sung by Nupur herself.

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Some days ago, Kriti Sanon also shared a video of herself with her fans where she is seen reciting poetry “Thham jaa” penned by her while in self-quarantine. This new avatar of the pretty actress is sure to win over her fans. Sharing this video she wrote 

“Thham jaa, Theher jaa..
We’ve been running too fast.. It almost feels like we needed to PAUSE.. We MUST!
भाग रहा है तू
जैसे वक्त से आगे निकल जाएगा।
भीड़ में गुम होकर भी
खुद को तनहा ही पाएगा।
तो थम जा।
ठहर जा।
मेरी परवाह किए बिना
खुशियाँ खरीदने में लगा है।
याद रख,
लकीरें तेरे हाथों में हैं
पर मुझसे भी जुड़ा एक धागा है।
कुदरत हूँ मैं,
गर मैं लड़खड़ाई,
तो ये घागा भी टूट जाएगा।
हवा, पानी, मिट्टी के बिना
तू कैसे ज़िंदा रह पाएगा?
तो थम जा।
ठहर जा।।
— कृति

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As per sources, Nupur will soon make her Bollywood debut along with Akshay Kumar in his newly announced movie ‘Bell Bottom’.