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Diljit Dosanjh Responded To Kangana Ranaut’s Recent Interview And Says “What Is This Drama?”

Diljit Dosanjh Responded To Kangana Ranaut's Recent Interview And Says "What Is This Drama?"

The Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh and the bollywood actress Kangana
Ranaut indulged in words war on Twitter for about two months. Diljit Dosanjh
is a vocal supporter of farmers protest. While Kangana Ranaut is opposing the
ongoing farmer’s protest. However, these two celebrities many times exchanged
some controversial statements through the tweets over the farm bills. Now
Diljit Dosanjh comes with a response to Kangan Ranaut’s latest tv interview.

In a recent Republic TV interview, Kangana Ranaut talked about Diljit Dosanjh,
she said: “She openly challenged him to say just once that he is not a
Khalistani, he didn’t say it. Youth has been misled, they have been presented
with a dream about Khalistan”. Even before this the actress also asked the
same question on Twitter by tagging Diljit Dosanjh. In response, Diljit also
replied to it.

Now the singer Diljit Dosanjh made a series of tweets in response to the
latest tv interview of Kangana Ranaut. He tweeted “They sit on TV and call
themselves patriots. They talk like the whole country is just for them.
Punjabi’s have given their lives for the country whenever the need has arisen.
He added that “God forbid if there is a need for it today, we will do it
again. And these Punjabis prick your side so much?”. These tweets Diljit
Dosanjh wrote in the Punjabi language. Later he made another tweet in which he
is talking about why he is giving this kind of response, he tweeted “TV
interview: ‘You ask me this, I give you this answer.’ What is this drama? They
talk about the country, about Punjab. They want to push the debate to another
angle. You wanna project us as whatever you want. Wow”.


Tu Mainu Ah Puch Lai.. Mai Tainu Ah Jawab De Daungi.. Ki Drama Eh.. ?

Asi Desh 🇮🇳 Di Gal Karde an..PUNJAB Di Gal Karde an..

Eh Dhakke Naal Hor Hee Angle Dena Chaunde aa

It Means Tusi Dhakke Naal Sanu Jo Jee Karda Oh Banauna Chaune An.. Wah 👏🏽

— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) February 7, 2021

However, in the following tweet, Diljit Dosanjh is saying that Everything
cannot be treated with silence. As he wrote “These Master and Mastrani are the
ones setting the country on fire. I know it is not right to react to filth.
But they keep getting on my nerves. Everything cannot be treated with silence.
Tomorrow they will make anyone, anything”.

Desh Ch Sab Ton Wadh Agg Laun Da Kam Eh Eh So Called MASTAR-MASTARNI Hee karde aa ..


PAR EH SER HEE CHADI JANDE AA.. Har Gal Da Chup ni Hunda..



— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) February 7, 2021

Recently, Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh exchanged the words on the song
released by Diljit Dosanjh. He dedicated that song to pop star Rihana over her
tweet on farmer protest.

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