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HomeBollywood divas showed their devotion towards merely Mother Earth

Bollywood divas showed their devotion towards merely Mother Earth

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On 22nd April, Earth Day is celebrated to honour the realistic magnificence of the soil we live on. It is lauded all over the world’s assistance for environmental protection. Also, this year, the carnival is superfluous unusual as it is 50th Earth Day today.

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On this occasion of 50th Earth Day today when Corona pandemic is on its heights, people were compelled to stay at their houses. All movements have come to a deadlock. The whole world has to undergo economic losses, but there is also a big advantage. Earth has bought a new life. Not only the climate but also the water has been cleared. Bollywood celebrities have taken to their different social media handles to honor this day. They are seen conveying their devotion towards our mother Earth by uploading throwback pictures and interesting thoughts on Earth Day.

Madhuri Dixit posted a video of herself riding a bicycle and wrote “This lockdown has shown us how little nature needs for it to revive & thrive. On the 50th #EarthDay let us all pledge to #DoOurBit by switching off appliances when not in use, plant trees, use fuel & water conservatively. Together we can build a better world, one we all are proud of!.

Bhumi Pednekar publicized a portrait of herself with impressive modifications where she is seen carrying the mother Earth in her hands standing on the ground. The actor also wrote a beautiful message for her fans. She wrote, “Happy Earth Day ‘, our Earth is our home, it’s one of a kind. It shelters many together, animals & people with the same love and like. It gives us water, food, and land to walk, it gives us air to breathe and the sun for heat. But what am I doing to protect her’ You can save water and plant a tree, say no to single-use plastic and make her free? Recycle your things, Don’t make more trash, we have really abused her, let’s not be rash. I love you Earth is all I can say, every day should be Earth Day .”

Mrunal Thakur seen relaxing in her own way by reading books lying on the soil of the motherland, sharing this still she penned ” back to the roots #happyearthday.

Actress Sonnalli Seygall says ” Everyday is #EarthDay . And if we don’t realise it now, we probably never will!” #EarthDay2020 #WorldEarthDay #SaveEarth.

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