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HomeThis inventive Pillow Challenge best suits to the toned figure of Payal...

This inventive Pillow Challenge best suits to the toned figure of Payal Rajput

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These days, celebrities are leaving no stone unturned to stay in the limelight.  Obviously, due to the nationwide lockdown, no films are being released. In such a situation, the stars are keeping their fans tied in different ways to maintain their presence, whether it is throwback series, hot photo series or safe hand wash challenge, all these methods are being tried on social media today to get connected with everyone.

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Amidst all this, a new challenge has come out, which is a little bold but best for keeping fans entertained and tied up, the name of this unique challenge is the Pillow Challenge and that in which the person posts some photos with a pillow attached to their body and other than wearing nothing else.

She has posted a picture of hers in a yellow pillow covering her body with a belt and leaving the rest to imagery. If you see her clicks, there is no need to say that she slayed it in this challenge.

The south beauty covered her toned figure with a yellow-colored pillow and shared a series of photos with the caption “Pillow ootd Quaranqueen & make it fashion Because I’m bored on the house & I’m in the house bored #pilowchallenge”

Payal Rajput awakens to overnight stardom with the astounding success of her introductory Telugu film “RX 100” starring Kartikeya. She will soon entertain us in her upcoming movie ‘5Ws’ which is directed by Pradeep Thakore.

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