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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Family Address His Gulshan By Putting The Brick Of Memorial On His Name

The nation is still not able to overcome the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput while the reason behind stays veiled to an extent. Amidst the friends and fans, the most heartbroken is the Rajput family who received a sad call while they were living in their house in Patna. The broken father and mother penned down a touching note for giving an ode to their son.

"The world’s Sushant Singh Rajput was simply Gulshan to us. He was free-spirited, talkative, and incredibly bright. He was curious about just everything. He dreamed without restraints and chased those dreams with the heart of a lion. He smiled generously. He was the pride and inspiration of the family. His telescope was his most prized possession, through which he fondly gazed at the stars. We can’t bring ourselves to accept that we wouldn’t get to hear his easy laughs anymore. That we wouldn’t see his sparkling eyes again. That we wouldn’t hear his endless rants about science again. His loss has created a permanent, glaring void in the family that will never be filled. He truly loved and cherished every single one of his fans. We thank you all for showering our Gulshan with so much love.”

After addressing the public his father further says to set-up a foundation called Sushant Singh Rajput Foundation (SSRF) so that no young talent would fail empty-handed. The foundation is for the welfare to explore and give chances to the novice who wishes to make a career as he did. His home would be turned to a memorial portraying his telescope and countless books for his fans. They further intend to make his social media platforms active to keep his fragrance alive in every heart.

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