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Sonu Nigam Raises An Open Challenge To Bhushan Kumar About Revealing The Truth Of Marina Kuwar

Singer Sonu Nigam? No! a messenger of humanity. We cannot deny this, at least not after hearing every word that this guy has to say to us. Do you remember the last video where he quoted “You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry”? Summarizing it- Sonu wanted the music industry to be kind to the novice who wishes to make careers in music as he did not want a death again like Sushant. In response to this, he revealed everything that the newcomers go through, just for the sake of showing their talent to the world. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, Sonu had finally realized that it is high time and he needs to raise a voice.

Today, he has again come on stage, and this time as strong and robust as possible. In this video Nigam clearly speaks about how the press release of Times of India was highly manipulated after his past video. How he was called by the Mafias who asked him to take back the words? And at the core, Sonu Nigam had been telling the whole time that he did not take any names yet the concerned people turned up to him for stopping him from speaking more. To this, he spoke more about it and about every injustice that is going on in the music world.

But the breaking news of all is, “Sonu Nigam has given an open challenge to Bhushan Kumar”. Yes, you heard it right, Sonu clearly speaks “I am taking your name because you forgotten the days when you used to come to my home to seek help?” Sonu says it twice about how Bhushan asked him to “Save me from Abu Salem”. He repeated it again so that people must know his double-faces. 

Furthermore, Sonu has openly spoken that Bhushan cannot do anything if he still remembers “Marina Kuwar”. Sonu claims to still have the video of her that can destroy Bhushan if only Nigam takes it to his YouTube channel.

We have to say that Sonu is a braveheart who is ready to fight for justice of the Industry that has given him the name and fame. We wish him all the luck. Truth shall prevail!

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