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Regina Cassandra Unveiled As The Villain Of Chakra

The upcoming release Chakra is becoming the talk of the town for past days. Getting to see Vishal Krishna as the Military Cop and Shraddha Srinath as the lead, this film has become the sensation that people wait for.

But to much surprise of all, this is not it! With these two leads, the tables turn around when Regina Cassandra appears as another crucial part. Opposing the two, Regina is set to lit the stage with a negative character played by her. With Evaru, Regina had already given people the perfect exemplary of her skills. While here comes another iconic role to pin for her! The trailer talked about the mysterious character who had planned robbery in 48 houses when the city was on high alert. While reports reveal that the bigger shock would be the sudden appearance of Regina amidst the chaos.

The storyline surrounds the theft in the city of Hyderabad unless things worsen with the stealing of Ashok Chakra and the introduction to the world of Digital India. The movie is sure to embrace the South cinema with thrill, action, drama, and bundle of entertainment. Moreover, considering the recent situation, director MS Anandan and producer cum actor Vishal from the production house of Vishal Film Factory are less likely to wait till the Big Screen reopens. However, the movie is planned to be released soon on the OTT platforms to reach people door to door.

The film also stars Srushti Dange, Manobala, and Robo Shankar for being a peculiar part in the movie. 

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