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Ram Gopal Varma Talked in Favor of Nepotism and Calls Karan Johar ‘A Bigger Victim’

Bollywood and fans of Sushant Singh Rajput express grief over social media, meanwhile some are blaming Karan Johar for this. KJo has introduced many spectacular stars to the industry. However, people poked him for biasing with star kids above all.

Late Tuesday on Twitter, Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma slammed the users with many tweets to blame Karan for Sushant’s demise.

He supported Karan by calling him a bigger victim and tweeted – “Just want to say this to the ignorant social lynch mob that @karanjohar is a bigger victim in this context compared to their ill-perceived and suddenly discovered victim Sushant,”.

By giving an example of Amitabh Bachchan, he says that everyone was an outsider before becoming an insider. The Satya Director says – “There’s no such thing as insiders and outsiders and it’s the only audience who decide who they like and don't ..Film families however big they are can never have the power to influence the audience and also don’t forget that @karanjohar is because people made him big and not himself”.

He further added, “Also all insiders of Bollywood were sometimes outsiders starting from @SrBachchan onwards .. @karanjohar is up there not because he is an insider but because his films are seen by millions. We all know as much failures coming from film families as much as from outside”

Varma clearly explained his thought about the nepotism in the film industry and said, “WITHOUT NEPOTISM SOCIETY WILL COLLAPSE BECAUSE NEPOTISM(FAMILIAL LOVE ) IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TENET OF A SOCIAL STRUCTURE. Like u shouldn’t love other's wife more, u also shouldn't love others children more.”

The Director posts a series of tweets for supporting Karan in the controversy of Sushant’s death. In the end, Ram Gopal Varma quoted condolences for Sushant, yet he also showed favor towards K JO.  

Even, Karna Johar has shown his grief for MS Dhoni actor, but he was poked by one of his followers for practicing the nepotism in Bollywood. His launch of the Student of the Year franchise and his Koffee with Karan’s guest invitation has raised millions of questions over him. 

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