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Divya Khosla Kumar Shares Aggressive Response To Sonu Nigam’s Claims Through Her Vlog

The fire in the jungle of the Bollywood industry is not vanishing at any cost. Every day we wake up to hear the next rage bursting in the industry. After Sonu Nigam’s statement that “You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry.” everyone is curious about what happens next.

In the next, Sonu posts another video of him in which he directly unveils the name of Bhushan Kumar and bursts out with anger and truths. To this, in the recent Bhushan Kumar’s wife, Divya Khosla has released a long IGTV where she is seen giving answers to all the questions of Sonu. Divya speaks up about how Gulshan Kumar, the founder of music company T series got Sonu from roads to help him reach heights. Gulshan Kumar’s fathom over Sonu got him to fame and success. Divya also questions to Sonu as he was himself new and without any stardom. Yet now every kid knows his name in the nation. She speaks about giving chances to many young talents with 80% introduction of new people over the star kids. For more evidence, she even called upon their cook who had been with them since 1988. Their cook narrates how Gulshan and Sonu began together for the musical journey.  

Answering another question of Sonu, Mrs. Kumar initiates with a quick response. She clearly claims that Bhushan had reached him but only because he had to save the company after the death of the founder of T series and their father Gulshan Kumar in 1997. Indeed Bhushan succeeded as the T series is the vein of the music world. About the video of Marina Kunwar, Divya challenges him to viral it as she would also see to what extent can they go for a video that is also about the respect of a woman.  

For the relations with mafias and Abu Salem, Divya questions why Bhushan sought help from Sonu only? Possibly because he too was involved and had relations with him. Also, she had more aggression of the rape threats against her and threat against her kids. She opens up about the blackmailing calls that the family has been receiving after his videos.

With this, she finally ends up saying that she too was in a dilemma whether she should make the video or not but lately she quoted her answer with the example of Lord Krishna and Arjun from Bhagvat Geeta.

She responses that the game is on! Ironically, Sonu Nigam himself shared the video as well to turn on the comments over the video. Surely, we see a long battle on the way. 

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