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Sunny Leone has revealed some shocking secrets.

These days Sunny Leone is revealing the dark secrets of her life, layer by layer, and we are stunned by her divulging some untold suspense of her lockdown series. Well, earlier she was accused of being a lazy girl and driving her husband Daniel all crazy. He even complained that sunny’s cooking skills Suck. Well, all this was captured and uploaded on her Instagram Handle #sunnyleonne, which she has captioned as “Hmmm...Just saw this! Tomorrow I will show you what @dirrty99 is really doing all day! REVENGE!! It’s on!”

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Surely Ms. Leone has taken her revenge, as she has uploaded the next clip proving that she is innocent and is not guilty of any charges. All these funny banter between the Bollywood couple has been recorded and uploaded on her Instagram account, which has made these couple even cuter. Well in the next Funny video, Sunny has uploaded a various clipping of her Husband Showing how he is lazing around, and burning the food, sitting on the couch whole day and watching television, and he is the one who takes selfies all day and proves that Daniel is the real culprit. We really love the funny light-hearted wordplay between the couples which proves that all is so happening in their small Paradise. She has captioned this next clipping as “Here you go guys... the truth!! @dirrty99 lounging around and resting!!”

And as per the evidence we surely agree that Daniel, her husband is the real culprit. well, the Bollywood fraternity is really giving us some ideas and insights of how to spent the nationwide lockdown days, with all the creativity and this one surely is not a miss.

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