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Prince of Tollywood Mahesh Babu got a relaxing massage by her Little princess Sitara.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, where all celebrities are staying at home, Tollywood film stars are highlighting their consistent presence on social media. Superstar Mahesh Babu is no exception.

Prince of Tollywood is having a wonderful time with his homies these days. The actor shares his family time stills regularly on Instagram. Meanwhile, his daughter Sitara has offered him a soothing head massage and the actor shared the response that it was great while it lasted. Sitara too shared her adventure of the same on Instagram.

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Lovely daughter of this lovely actor shared her massage giving photo and wrote "Decided to give nana a head massage !! His hair is fluffy n soft he said he loved it I’m really happy"

Her mother Namrata also shares the relaxing photo and wrote "Watching GG play his game! MB had a head massage volunteer only to finish in 2 mins feedback says it was great while it lasted @urstrulymahesh @sitaraghattamaneni @gautamghattamaneni #QuarantineHome"

Father's Princess Sitara holds a YouTube channel along with her nicest friend, Aadya, with over 200 thousand subscribers. Some days ago, Sitara made her debut on Instagram. Recently she posted a photo of herself chilling with her teddy bear. Sitara wrote, "Just chillin. Just chillin with my teddy and having a great time!!! (sic)."

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Credits: Instagram(SitaraGhattamaneni)

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